Holiday Gift Guide for Girls: 2014 Edition

An excited girl holds a present
November 10, 2014

Giving a gift to the girl in your life is more than just a way to celebrate the holidays: It’s a way to empower girls to believe in themselves, be creative, dream big, and try new things. For the third year in a row (check out our gift guides from 2012 and 2013 for even more ideas), we’re looking beyond the “pink aisle” to find gifts that will stay with girls all year.

Ages 2–4

1. I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

I Like Myself book cover

Help girls build a healthy sense of self-esteem with this hilarious, fun book, which is all about being confident and appreciating who you are. $10.25, Amazon 

2. Bajana Drum

Bajana drum

It’s never too early for a girl to start learning to express herself through music — and maybe learn about a different culture while she’s at it. This simple and beautiful drum is a traditional instrument that is handmade in India. It’s also a fair trade, cruelty free product. $14, One World 

3. Giant Art Jar

Giant art jar

Speaking of expressing yourself, the young artist in your life will love the opportunity to play and be creative with this jar full of art supplies. Encourage girls to be imaginative, come up with their own projects, and go wild! $32.95, Alex Toys 


Ages 5–10

4. Miss Possible

Miss Possible

Marie Curie, Bessie Coleman, and Ada Lovelace knew that anything was possible. You can preorder interactive dolls of the amazing scientist, aviator, and mathematician for the girls in your life (the dolls will be delivered in early 2015). Created by a team of young women, the dolls allow girls to learn about historical women and have fun at the same time. With these amazing women as role models, girls know they can be who they want to be. $45–$200, Miss Possible 

5. Squishy Circuits Hardware Kit

Squishy circuits

Invented by a woman engineer, Squishy Circuits combine art and engineering to teach kids how to design real circuits with modeling clay you can make at home. Watch creator AnnMarie Thomas’ TED Talk for some cool ideas on what to do with your kit. $25, Squishy Circuits 

6. Grow your own Crystal Nightlight

Crystal nightlight

The tagline says it all: “Science + Sparkle = Awesome!”

This gift combines four different chemistry and physics experiments to create a beautiful and colorful decoration that the girl in your life will be proud to display — and to say she made herself. $19.99, ThinkGeek 

7. GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank

Goldie blox

Girl engineer Goldie is back again with a new dilemma for young inventors to solve. The Dunk Tank kit leads kids through an engaging story while building special skills and introducing the concept of hinges. $19.99, GoldieBlox 

8. GoldieBlox Zip Line Action Figure

Goldie action figure

Goldie is busy this season: The brand-new action figure version of the girl inventor is a great alternative to dolls that emphasize beauty over brains. This doll comes with a construction kit so girls can build a zip line for Goldie — and learn about the engineering principle of suspension in the process. $29.99, GoldieBlox

9. Kano computer kit

Watch video on YouTube.

Kids don’t need to settle for playing with computers: Now they can build one themselves. The Kano kit is designed to be easy to construct while teaching kids about hardware. Once you build the kit, the Kano computer can be used for everything from playing Minecraft to making music. $149.99, Kano 

Ages 11–13

10. MaKey MaKey Kit

MaKey MaKey

Anyone can be an inventor with this kit, which lets kids use everyday objects to make music, play games, and more while teaching them concepts from the fields of computer programming and electrical engineering. $49.95, MaKey Makey 

11. Magazine subscriptions

Kids magazines

Kids’ magazines encourage girls’ curiosity about current events, scientific discoveries, and the world around them. If you haven’t joined AAUW yet, here’s another reason why you should! Members receive discounts on hundreds of magazines, including some great titles for kids of all ages. (We recommend Cricket for tweens and Spider, Ladybug, and Babybug for younger kiddos.) Prices vary, AAUW MagazineLine 

12. “I Throw Like a Girl” T-shirt

Throw like a girl T-shirt

The athlete in your life knows that throwing like a girl is a good thing! This fun T-shirt will show her pride as a sports star as well as her support for Title IX, which has opened doors for female athletes since 1972. $7, ShopAAUW 

Ages 14 and Up

13. Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher

Shadow Spinner

A retelling of the classic Arabian Nights tale, this book tells the story from the perspective of a clever young woman who uses her creativity and quick thinking to gain confidence and become an unlikely heroine. $6.99, Amazon 

14. Õkami


With a powerful female protagonist and inventive gameplay style, Õkami for Wii blends mythology and traditional artwork together to tell the story of Amaterasu, a wolf goddess from a Japanese myth. $19.73, Amazon 

15. Smart Women Elect to Make a Difference mug

Smart women mug

Give a gift that will inspire the young political activist in your life, whether she’s student body president of her high school or a college student who just voted absentee for the first time. $10.50, Smart Women Company 


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