Kids and a Career: It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

May 09, 2014

Many of us are or will be parents, and most of us have to work outside the home. So why does it still seem so difficult to balance family and career? Let’s count the ways.

We’re basically the only country on the planet without paid maternity leave, our child care options are dismal, and our leaders seem to talk a lot about how important motherhood is while providing little support for work-life balance. Workers can’t take time off to care for family members other than parents, spouses, and kids; many of us don’t have paid sick days; and we don’t have schedules flexible enough to do things like drive a parent to a doctor’s appointment or see our kid’s school play on a weekday afternoon. On top of everything else, mothers are also paid less compared with their child-free co-workers.

We explore these issues in the Spring/Summer 2014 AAUW Outlook magazine, coming out in mid-May, as well as the challenges of elder care for working parents and why more women are choosing not to have kids at all. You’ll hear from folks who are dealing with these issues every day, and you’ll learn what you can do to change work-life balance for everyone.

Outlook magazine reaches AAUW members three times a year with news, insight, and analysis on the topics that affect women and girls the most. Join AAUW to get your subscription and read more about why the status quo isn’t working for parents.


Hannah Moulton Belec By:   |   May 09, 2014

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