Gap and Gown: A Pay Equity Flashback

October 18, 2012

On October 24, AAUW will release a new report, Graduating to a Pay Gap. The following is the fourth installment of Gap and Gown, a new blog series inspired by the forthcoming research.

Now that fair pay is in the headlines again thanks to this week’s presidential debate, we decided to dig up footage from an April 11, 2011, panel discussion called New Voices for Pay Equity. AAUW invited industry leaders to come to Washington, D.C., to discuss the problem. One of the first questions posed after the presentation was, How do we get men to care?

Hear the responses from John Curtis, director of research and public policy at the American Association of University Professors, and San Diego State University Professor Bey-Ling Sha, who injected a bit of humor into the discussion.


Then be sure to download AAUW’s newest research on the topic next week. The new report, Graduating to a Pay Gap, is an update of sorts to the 2007 AAUW report Behind the Pay Gap, which found that just one year after college graduation, women are paid only 80 percent of what their male counterparts are paid. The new report will offer concrete steps on how to address this persistent problem, talk about its impact on women with college loans, and reveal the latest salary data for this population.

Lisa Goodnight By:   |   October 18, 2012

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