A Question from the Voter Registration Table

September 25, 2012

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I’m at yet another table trying to get college kids to register to vote. My feet are beginning to hurt, but here comes another group of students. I ask, “Have you registered to vote? Have you registered to vote?” This has been my mantra over the past several weeks.

Registering voters can be frustrating — for example, a student once told me that she didn’t want to vote because she doesn’t like standing in line for things. She was, at that moment, standing in line for half of a sandwich.

I continue on down the line. “Have you registered to vote?” Many students stop me and say that they’ve been meaning to register, but they never get around to it. Yeah, I can sympathize. I so often mean to do the right thing but get distracted by life. They are thrilled that we are making registration so easy. One student shouts out, “I love this school — they think of everything to help the students.”

All of a sudden, my feet don’t hurt. I am helping people with their questions: Do I have to register before each election? How do I know where to go to vote? Does it cost to register? I am jazzed. I keep telling these millennials that they are the deciding generation. I tell them to grab their power. Then I finally close down. I know that in a few hours, I’ll be on another campus asking, “Have you registered to vote?” It’s a question that is worth repeating!

AAUW is a partner for National Voter Registration Day, and we will be prioritizing voter registration all week through voter registration drives, blog posts about voting, and tweets about new voting resources and events. Follow us on Twitter @itsmyvote and @aauwactionfund!

This post was written by AAUW Virginia Beach (VA) Branch Public Policy Vice President Sally Daniel.

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