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January 18, 2012

We have long known that there are many talented members of AAUW. Our members have risen to the tops of their professions — medicine, law, science, academia, and many others. But they also have talents that are independent of their careers. With that in mind, for the past four years AAUW has hosted an art contest, inviting members to submit their masterpieces. All members can vote for their favorite entries, and the winning submissions are printed on notecards and sent to members to encourage them to contribute to AAUW. This opportunity to raise money is an important part of our work toward breaking through barriers for women and girls. And using artwork from members like Jane Winston and Jan Hersh makes these notecards uniquely AAUW.

A photograph taken by Jane Winston, a member of the AAUW Houston Peach (GA) Branch, was a winning entry in last year’s contest. This talented artist joined AAUW after the loss of her husband, who was her best friend, in 2003. In AAUW, she found a wonderful group of women who Winston says can accomplish anything. In addition to keeping up with her photography, she volunteers to read with fifth-grade girls at a local elementary school.

“Tuscan Window” ©Jane Winston AAUW Houston Peach (GA) Branch

Jan Hersh has been an AAUW member for over 27 years. She is an avid gardener who always keeps an eye out for fresh, beautiful blooms. During a trip to Santa Barbara, California, she took this contest-winning picture of a hibiscus covered in morning dew. Hersh has served as a board member for the AAUW Danville-Alamo (CA) Branch and credits her art with helping her to develop strong leadership skills, knowledge about her community, and an ongoing connection with people who enjoy making a difference locally and globally.

“Good Morning Hibiscus” ©Jan Hersh AAUW Danville-Alamo (CA) Branch

Are you a member of AAUW with a hidden (or not-so-hidden) talent in the visual arts? The 2012 contest is now accepting entries. Visit our gallery to see what artwork has been submitted for the 2012 contest or to look at past winners.

The 2012 AAUW Art Contest will be accepting submissions until January 31. Members may vote for their favorite artwork once per week from February 6 to March 4.

Kathryn Montiegel By:   |   January 18, 2012

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  1. Psychology Student says:

    I think it is very important that the success of women is not solely judged based on their economic positions and that artists and others get recognized for the hard work they do, even if it isn’t as lucrative. I am glad AAUW is taking a step to make them feel just as successful for following their own pursuits.

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