Seven Campuses Will Address Sexual Harassment

December 13, 2011

AAUW’s research reports have the greatest impact when people read them and put our recommendations into practice. Our amazing network of AAUW members helps make this happen, and one way we see our recommendations implemented is through our Campus Action Project grant program. Each year, we fund teams of faculty and students so they can launch programs in their communities that focus on the topic of our most recent research report.

After managing this program for three years, I’m extra excited this year because I’m also a co-author of our newest report, Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School, which is the research that will guide the 2011–12 CAP teams. I’m intimately familiar with the report recommendations, and I’m excited to see them brought to life by our seven teams this spring.

The newly selected teams will produce projects that include working with focus groups of students and developing workshops, materials, and documentaries to help educate students and communities about sexual harassment and how to prevent it.

In addition to funding the projects, AAUW will pay for one member of each team to speak at the 2012 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. The conference, hosted by AAUW and NASPA, helps women students connect with each other and with successful role models while honing leadership skills for their work on campus and in their communities.
The AAUW Campus Action Project grant recipients for 2011–12 are

  • Dakota State University, South Dakota
  • Jefferson Community College, New York
  • Millersville University, Pennsylvania
  • Pacific Lutheran University, Washington
  • Saint Mary’s College, Indiana
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Kentucky

You will be able to read project updates on the AAUW website in March 2012.

In the meantime, I encourage you to help bring our Crossing the Line recommendations to light, too. Read through the research report, watch and share our public service announcement, and start a discussion about sexual harassment in schools with educators, parents, and students you know.

Holly Kearl By:   |   December 13, 2011

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  1. sexual harassment lawyers says:

    It’s good to know that campuses address cases like sexual harassment.

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