Work to End Campus Sexual Assault and Violence

September 16, 2011

In a video released on the 17th anniversary of the Violence against Women Act, Vice President Joe Biden calls for renewed efforts to prevent dating violence and sexual assault against teens and college students. “Speak up and act and make it clear that violence against women will not be tolerated at your school, on your campus, at any time, for any reason,” says Biden.

While VAWA has had a meaningful impact on domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault have increased among women ages 16–24 since the law was passed. The Obama administration’s new 1 is 2 Many campaign calls on teens and students to participate in generating ideas to make their campuses safer through a new Twitter handle devoted to the issue, and the national Apps against Abuse competition challenges people to develop software that can report and help prevent sexual assault in real time.

In an effort to end violence on college campuses, 800 AAUW members gathered on the Hill this June to lobby their members of Congress to support the Campus SaVE Act. This bill will help put an end to sexual assault and violence on campuses by requiring schools to spell out their policies, conduct prevention activities, and ensure necessary assistance for victims. If passed, the Campus SaVE Act will be a vital step toward ending the sort of violence that prevents women from attaining their educational dreams.

We challenge you to help end dating violence and sexual assault in your community and across the United States! Get involved in your community using AAUW’s Campus Sexual Assault Program in a Box and urge your senators to co-sponsor the Campus SaVE Act! You have the power to help stop violence against women.

This post was written by AAUW Public Policy Intern Katie Donlevie.

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  1. Avatar ClaudiaProSelfDefender says:

    YES–totally support this!

    February is actually Dating Violence & Awareness month & Teen Dating Violence Awareness month too! I actually just gave a lecture at a local all-girl high school about this topic. It is so important that we inform teens and young adults so they can do their best in preventing such a terrible event happening to them. That’s why I lecture about my experience in physical violence and abuse – so as to make it personal for them (they know someone who is a victim).

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