AAUW Hosts Re:Action Event on SlutWalks

August 18, 2011

Last night, close to 100 people crowded into AAUW’s headquarters for a panel discussion about Washington, D.C.’s, recent SlutWalk, a rally that aimed to bring attention to the dangers of victim blaming and sexual assault. AAUW’s follow-up event, called Re: Action — A Debate on SlutWalk, gave panelists, AAUW members, and others an opportunity to voice their opinions about the event. The crowd engaged with the panelists and each other, tossing around questions about the purpose of SlutWalk and the need to highlight stereotypes that surround sexual assault and its victims.

Panel speakers included Samantha Wright, organizer of SlutWalk D.C.; Chai Shenoy, co-founder of Holla Back DC!; Aiyi’nah “SimplyNay” Ford, activist and host of the One Mic Stand radio show; and Alexandra Petri, a blogger for the Washington Post. AAUW’s own Holly Kearl — Legal Advocacy Fund program manager, expert on street harassment, and published author — moderated the event.

Ana Kay Yaghoubian By:   |   August 18, 2011


  1. Wendy Vance Probst says:

    A topic much needed to be addressed. When I was in one of my Criminology classes, I had a classmate who was dressed in a nice dress and Her topic for discussion was do I deserved to be raped? The consensus was no. Then she changed clothes came back in, she had on a nice high heel, a short classy skirt and a light and breezy top. She asked the same question, and do you know that many individuals said yes. She should know better than to walk around like that. So thank you for bringing this to light. Women do not go around asking for “it”. Men wear there football Jerseys, so does this mean they want to be tackled and smacked on the butt by other guys?

  2. Claire Andrews says:

    I have great difficulty when mental health professionals label people victims or victim stereotypes. For some reason it grates on my conscience as these so called academics and so called mental health professionals have probably never suffered the trauma’s of their interviewees or clients.

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