Women’s Health Care Gets Boost with Medical Institute’s Recommendations

July 19, 2011

The Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that insurers provide free coverage for birth control hits all the right notes for women, families, taxpayers, and insurance companies. Recognizing both the critical importance and basic necessity of working families’ need to control the spacing and timing of children is a victory for common sense. It’s also a big win for economic sense. Every dollar we invest in helping women avoid unwanted pregnancies saves us almost $4 in Medicaid expenditures. Who doesn’t want to save money in these hard times while helping women and men plan their families?

As the former director of a battered-women’s shelter, I’m especially pleased with the IOM’s recommendations to include domestic violence screening. The Obama administration has already made sexual assault a priority by issuing guidelines for schools dealing with sexual violence. This recommendation is another great step to break the silence surrounding violence across the country.

AAUW applauds the IOM for its wise recommendation, as well as Sen. Barbara Mikulski for authoring a section of the health care reform legislation that made women’s health and preventive care a priority for the Department of Health and Human Services. We urge HHS to keep the ball rolling and implement these wise recommendations.

Stay tuned for another post on this topic tomorrow.

Lisa Maatz By:   |   July 19, 2011

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