The Feminist Movement: Alive and Well

February 22, 2011

During a recent meeting of my Psychology of Women class at Mount Holyoke College, my classmates and I discussed the attitudes of young women regarding feminism and what those attitudes mean in light of the rampant issues of discrimination and sexual harassment that we see and experience today. I have been thinking intently about that conversation ever since.

During the discussion my professor asked, “How many of you identify as feminists?”

There were very few enthusiastic hands raised and a couple of unsure and hesitant arms lingered. One of my classmates mentioned that she does not identify as a feminist because there isn’t a particular name or face that comes to mind when she thinks of feminism. Throughout the discussion I was thinking about my experience with AAUW and how I have met women who made me believe that the feminist movement is alive and that equity is still an issue.

AAUW has been around for 130 years, and thousands of women who came before us have worked hard to help us get where we are today, but the work is not done yet. As young women we have the opportunity, the resources, and the drive to continue our advocacy in support of AAUW’s mission.

The annual AAUW and NASPA National Conference for College Women Student Leaders is an outstanding opportunity for student leaders to be part of an amazing network of people who believe in advancing opportunities for women. NCCWSL’s Women of Distinction further allow us to put a face on activism, to be inspired, and to learn more about the work of amazing women who are making a difference in the United States and abroad. I am looking forward to being there this year.


Early-bird registration is now open, so join us this year for NCCWSL and be a part of the movement for change!

This post was written by National Student Advisory Council member Chiedza Mufunde.

AAUWguest By:   |   February 22, 2011

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