Following the Fellows Moves to Wednesday

March 10, 2010

Thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting on the Following the Fellows series, which began in summer 2008. Since the beginning, I have shared with you the stories of more than 50 highly accomplished women and 10 widely successful community action projects exemplifying AAUW’s goal of breaking through barriers for women and girls. Together we learned about extremophiles from paleontologist Carol Tang, Ghanian concert parties from Professor Catherine Cole, and life under the hijab from the girls’ media community action project, TVbyGIRLS.

If you find yourself thirsty for more, don’t worry. More than 10,000 fellowships and grants have been presented to women in more than 130 countries since the first award in 1888. AAUW fellowship and grant recipient alumnae have many more stories to be shared. Please stay tuned as the Following the Fellows series moves to Wednesdays.

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