Sarah Palin and I Agree — on Economic Security!

October 30, 2008

OK, so we all know the economy is in terrible shape. Gas prices are falling, retirement accounts are shrinking, grocery prices are on the rise, and where I live orange juice is nearly $5 a gallon. The holidays are coming, and I am seriously considering delaying Christmas until July. LOL! There just seems to be no escape from the doom and gloom of the economy.

My one ray of light in all of this is … SHOPPING. Now, I admit I need a twelve-step program when it comes to shopping. (Hey, look, I am trying to do my part for the economy without losing my proverbial shirt.) So what does a shopaholic do? She calls her friends for comfort. One of my dearest girlfriends took me to a place she has affectionately named “the spot” one day. She opened my eyes to thrift and consignment stores. When we left with two shopping bags full of items for under $40, I was downright giddy. You have seen that IKEA commercial, right? I was in utter disbelief of my bargains.

As economic times have gotten tougher I have seen more financial experts, including the Washington Post and others, saying this is where you should be shopping, and they are right. I recently attended the Blogher DC conference and met the woman who writes the DC Goodwill Fashion blog. Her fashion sense was great, and her blogs are entertaining.

Other discount shops that seem to be getting more crowded by the week are the dollar stores and this new thing in my area called Five Below, where everything is under $5. With the holidays and tougher times around the corner, pinch your pennies and spread the word — thrift stores are the place to go. So Michelle Obama, I can still do J. Crew on a splurge, but Sarah Palin and I will be looking for your things at the consignment shop in the spring.

Claudia Richards By:   |   October 30, 2008

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