Lilly Ledbetter at D.C. Rally

July 18, 2008

DC Rally for Equal Pay 2

Yesterday, I headed to the Capitol and put on my teal AAUW “I am the face of pay equity” sticker. At the corner of Delaware and Constitution avenues in the “Senate Swamp,” I saw over 100 women from AAUW as well as our coalition partners (NOW, National Women’s Law Center, Feminist Majority, and others) waiting to hear from some incredible speakers: Sen. Barbara Mikulski, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But perhaps the woman of the hour was Lilly Ledbetter, whose pay discrimination case against Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company went all the way to the Supreme Court. While the high court’s decision was denounced by AAUW, and Ledbetter will never get a cent from her case regardless of the legislative outcome, Lilly & Co. have built momentum towards passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

“This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It’s a fairness issue … if this bill passes, I’ll have an even richer reward because I’ll know that my daughters and granddaughters, and your daughters and granddaughters, will get a better deal,” Ledbetter said. (You can read her entire speech online.)

AAUW has long fought to end wage discrimination. As early as 1922, AAUW’s legislative program called for a repeal of salary restrictions in the Women’s Bureau to address pay disparities. Still, nearly a century later, women working full time earn on average about 77 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn.

DC Rally for Equal Pay “Today we are calling for a new American revolution,” said Sen. Mikulski, the rally’s organizer. “In order to do it we’ve got to fight, so women of America, square your shoulders, put your lipstick on, suit up, and let’s go fight this revolution.” To hear her words, please call 800/511-0763 and, when prompted, enter actuality number 2836. You can also listen to the speech online. And check out Mark Schoeff Jr.’s story which features a quote from Lisa M. Maatz, AAUW director of public policy and government relations.
Photographs by Mukti Desai

Lisa Goodnight By:   |   July 18, 2008


  1. I hope all of the women who want freedom from oppression took a close look at Palen, who is against every person who speaks freely, or does not agree with her. Women’s rights have been trampled enough. Hillary will become president, but only if we vote for Obama this time, regardless of our racial bias. Obama and Hillary have worked out a deal they can live with, and we should honor it. Pray that Hillary goes after this new beast who is a pathological liar and a dictator who is not allowed to answer questions until she has been well coachec by the Karl Rovers. Right on Lilly, and right on all of we who want freedom from people who use pit bulls, like adolph Hitler did to march millions of people into the concentration camps. She even says that God sent her to rule us. She is the epitome of corruption and wants to take her brand of it to Washington. I say, GO ON LILLY and we will fight for your cause, equal pay and equal rights.

  2. Avatar commentspage says:

    I will write-in Hillary no matter what the ballot will look like on the Election day. Go on, Hillary!

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