The Chance of a Lifetime

June 03, 2008

This week, 500 students from 44 states will descend on Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., to attend the 2008 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, presented by AAUW and NASPA. Students will have the opportunity to network, attend workshops, listen to women leaders from various professional fields, and volunteer together. Many students see this as a valuable learning opportunity:

  • “I hope to learn how to teach other women the skills necessary to become a leader in their school and community.” — Jessie Earl
  • “What interested me about NCCWSL was the opportunity to gain a broader perspective of women’s equity issues and solutions through networking with other college women and experiencing our nation’s capital.” — Christine Cruver
  • “I hope to gain knowledge that will stay with me for a lifetime, knowledge that will keep me ahead in life and feeling as tho ugh I can finally do something that matters/counts.” — Kendall Johnson
  • “I hope to learn more effective ways to bring people together and to gain more confidence as a leader.” — Valerie Connors
  • “I hope to continue to develop my understanding of the type of leader that I am and the type I am striving to become. I hope to acquire valuable leadership skills that I can share with women in my campus community. I also hope that listening to other successful women will assist me in my continuing search for a specific direction in my future professional life. I hope to leave the conference feeling truly inspired and motivated.” — Jenn Kosciw

Another student explains why she’s excited to attend the conference:

  • “Any time young women can get together to discuss the issues they face as leaders is a time to be celebrated. When I read the mission of this conference, I could see this was the chance of a lifetime. To be able to meet people from all over the United States and hear suggestions of extraordinary women is what helps a leader grow. It is through hearing everyone’s experiences that make a person go out and want to make a difference.” — Madeline K. Tomchick

We at AAUW also hope that this will be the chance of a lifetime for the conference attendees and that they will leave the conference stronger leaders, inspired to make the world a better place!

Holly Kearl By:   |   June 03, 2008

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  1. Angela Cooper Angela Cooper says:

    As an AAUW staff member, and a mother of a teen aged young lady, I’m both proud and encouraged when the organization that I work for makes an investment like this. NCCWSL is an invaluable opportunity for our young women preparing for major leadership roles in their communities.


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