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June 02, 2008

While browsing headlines during my morning commute, I read that today in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was crowned queen. It’s interesting to remember that many monarchies over the centuries have “allowed” women to be queen — some who actually rule, others who act as head of state.

I say “allowed” because until this century, women in the United States of America were not even allowed to participate in our democratically based form of government. And today, in 2008, it looks as though yet again we won’t have the opportunity to vote for a woman among the candidates for presidency. There have been numerous articles about the reasons for this, but the result is another no go.

Then there’s the reluctance of certain religions to allow women to have the top position or even certain positions of leadership. I’m not here to judge, but I couldn’t help reflect on last Friday’s headline, “Vatican: Excommunication for Female Priests,” when thinking about the subject of women in positions of power.

Gosh, I’ve mentioned both politics and religion all in the same piece. Somebody somewhere is shaking his or her head, I’m sure. So let me continue on about women in leadership. This week AAUW holds its annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. I can’t wait to meet the next crop of future leaders, can you?

Christy Jones, CAE By:   |   June 02, 2008

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