Super Duper Tuesday

February 07, 2008

February 5 was Super Tuesday, the day the largest number of states (24) had a primary or caucus (or in one case—West Virginia Republicans—a state convention). With so many nominating delegates at stake, Super Tuesday could have effectively settled who would be getting each party’s nomination, but it didn’t.

On the Republican side, John McCain came out of Super Tuesday the clear winner in the delegate count with 561 to Romney’s 222 and Huckabee’s 172. Today, Mitt Romney announced that he is suspending his campaign.

For the Democrats, Barack Obama has won 635 delegates, slightly more than Hillary Clinton’s 630. However, the Democratic Party uses super delegates (party members of the House and Senate, Democratic governors, former House and Senate party leaders, and Democratic National Committee dignitaries), more of whom are expected to support Clinton, giving her the lead.

The nomination of either party may not be decided until the final primary or may not be finalized until the nominating conventions this summer.

How did women vote on Tuesday?

  • Women were more likely to vote Democratic than men, who were more likely to vote Republican.
  • 80% of African American women voted for Barack Obama.
  • 64% of Latinas voted for Hillary Clinton.
  • 59% of white women voted for Hillary Clinton.
  • Women over 60 were most likely to vote for Clinton (55%).
  • John McCain held a small lead over Mitt Romney among women voters.

If you voted on Super Tuesday, what issues were most important to you?

If you have not yet voted, be sure to review AAUW’s voter education resources and send a voter e-card to your friends and family reminding them to vote!

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