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February 06, 2008

When the American Association of University Women (AAUW) formed in the 1880s, one of its first accomplishments was a research project disproving the widely held belief that higher education adversely affected the health of women college students. Today AAUW continues to lead the nation through advocacy, education, and research to remove barriers faced by girls and women in education, at work, on the athletic fields, and in the arenas of social justice.

Through our new blog AAUW Dialog, we will examine news and events related to these topics and explore how AAUW at all levels is working to improve and increase the educational, economic, and life opportunities and choices available to women and girls.

We hope this blog can be a space for you to share ideas, join discussions, find resources, take action on equity issues, and explore ways to make a difference in your community.


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  1. […] a quick note to acknowledge the launch of AAUW DIALog, a blog produced by AAUW staff members and (perhaps) volunteers. This site has had a blog component […]

  2. Marilyn Mullanix says:

    Excellent blog.

  3. Mary Rack says:

    An excellent idea, very nice blog.
    I am glad it has RSS feeds for both posts and comments, plus email notification of new posts. That gives everyone a choice for receiving updates: not all browsers support RSS feed and some people prefer email alerts.

  4. Mary Rack says:

    Not to “blow our own horn” but CAOnline branch has 2 other blogs you might want to list under RELATED BLOGS:
    CAOnline Book Group at http://www.cabooks.blogspot.com/ hosts our monthly book club discussions, and our
    LAF blog at http://www.caonlinelaf.blogspot.com/ gets lots of regular use lately.

  5. Erin Parrish says:

    Thank you so much for creating a blog! This is an excellent way to reach out to younger women, like myself, and help members-at-large feel connected to AAUW.

  6. Ruth Wahtera says:

    Congratulations on your new blog! We currently post the AAUW news feed on the sidebar of our Kingston (NY) AAUW Blog. I’ll add this blog, too. How will the two differ in content?

  7. Lee says:

    Why are school districts allowed to post coaching jobs that are connected with the Athletic Director position for football coaches only. If a female never has an opportunity to make that same salary, how can it be legal?

    There have been several times that I would love to have applied for the Director of Athletics. That is actually my first Master’s Degree. However, the position along with the pay is always connected to the head football or head boys basketball position.

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