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Current Issue: Winter 2015

Risky Business

Economics have always factored into discrimination. Historically, women have been traded for dowries, skipped over for inheritances, and prohibited from owning property. The once-radical idea of women having control of their own finances is now normal in many parts of the world, and yet women’s work still tends to be risky business.

This issue of Outlook explores why women’s economic security remains so complicated.

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Work Full Time, Live in Poverty

Nearly 30 million Americans are trying to get by on minimum wage, but they’re still below the poverty line.

Thriving or Surviving in the Freelance Economy

Freelance work is on the rise. But is it a boon or a burden for women workers?

Adjuncts Take Action

Students probably don’t know that many of their professors get no benefits and are woefully underpaid.

The Tipping Point

The minimum wage for servers and other tipped workers is only $2.13 an hour. Care for a side of sexual harassment with that?

Loosening the Pink Collar

Critics say the gender pay gap exists because women choose lower-paying jobs. But “women’s work” is still just plain undervalued.

Also in this Issue

  • A Hawaii community college gets a grant to build a child care center for student parents.
  • The Denison University AAUW student organization launches an anti-sexual-assault campaign.
  • Regulations for the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act were, at last, finalized.
  • We review the autobiography that Laura Ingalls Wilder was never able to publish in her lifetime.


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