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Spring 2016

The Status of Women in Leadership

AAUW Outlook Spring 2016 cover. Woman standing in negative phrases and attitutes women in the workplace face.

Women have heard it all when it comes to leadership. Maybe you’ve been tasked with the note taking in a meeting, left out of a round of golf with the good ol’ boys, or looked at sideways when you had to take your child to the doctor. We know there’s a problem with women’s underrepresentation in leadership, and it’s linked to gender bias. But this issue of Outlook explores more than just the infuriating facts. We also tackle the context and the solutions.

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Closing the Gender Leadership Gap

AAUW’s newest research report is the perfect anodyne to the dismissive platitude that “we’ve come a long way, baby.” Find out the latest data about women’s persistent underrepresentation in leadership.

The Slow Climb up the Higher Ed Ladder

At the turn of the 20th century, women were fighting to even be present in university classrooms. But more than a century later, women are still rare in higher education’s leadership.

Becoming Presidential

Whether a woman will occupy the Oval Office soon is uncertain, but did you know that women have been running for president since 1872?

The Science behind Implicit Bias

How can you recognize — and fight against — biases you don’t even know you have? If you have a computer and 15 minutes, we’ll show you.



Leaders’ Message
From Board Chair Patricia Fae Ho and CEO Linda D. Hallman

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The best of AAUW’s social media

News from AAUW
Run for the AAUW Board of Directors, help engage the new electorate, and more.

Members in Action
Maryland members celebrate an equal pay victory, students host empowerment events on campus, and more.

Alumnae News
Meet the AAUW fellow who is making microfinance affordable for immigrant workers and more.

The U.S. House votes to reinstate women WWII pilot honors, high schools allegedly bungle sexual assault investigations, and more.

On Your Bookshelf
Unspinning the Spin: The Women’s Media Center Guide to Fair and Accurate Language

From the Archives
American physiologist and AAUW Fellow Ida Hyde

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