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Winter 2017

The Next Four Years

Image of the White House in the cover of Winter 2017 AAUW Outlook membership magazine

AAUW is one of the lone nonpartisan voices in what is otherwise a maelstrom of partisan strife. This issue of Outlook takes stock of where we are and answers the question of where we go from here.

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Winter 2017 Outlook featureThe Political Road Ahead

The 2016 election was one for the record books, and if you are wondering what women’s advocacy will look like during the Trump administration, consider this your plan of action.

Winter 2017 Outlook featureA Lesson on School Vouchers

Referred to as scholarships, certificates, school choice programs, or tuition tax credits, these funding mechanisms are in fact one and the same thing: vouchers, which funnel funding away from public schools in need of it.

Winter 2017 Outlook featureCombatting Human Trafficking: The Need for Advocacy

The realities of human trafficking are disturbing and difficult to confront.
But advocates can and do make a difference in exposing and battling this modern-day slavery.

Winter 2017 Outlook featureIs the Glass Ceiling Actually Concrete?

Hillary Clinton’s loss has made clear that the glass ceiling is still seemingly impervious. The question that remains to be answered is, what will it take to break through the long-impenetrable barriers to women seeking positions of leadership.



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Association Media & Publishing Excel Awards logoSpring/Summer 2012, Silver
Title IX Turns 40: Changing Women’s Lives

Winter 2014, Bronze
A Step Closer to Equality: Advancing LGBT Rights

Fall 2014, Silver
What Year Is It Again? The Rollback of Birth Control Access

Fall 2015, Bronze
Solving the Equation: How to Recruit More Women into Engineering and Computing

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