Committees/Task Forces : AAUW: Empowering Women Since 1881

Standing Committees, Committees, and Task Forces

AAUW standing committees and committees collaborate with AAUW staff to implement priorities set by the Board of Directors in accordance with AAUW Bylaws. Task forces are charged with specific duties for finite periods of time and may be appointed by the president with the approval of the AAUW Executive Committee.

AAUW national committees and task forces are comprised of volunteer AAUW member leaders. Complete details about the functions and applicant qualifications of each committee or task force are available.

Standing Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the organization’s reporting practices, compliance, internal controls, and financial management.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the board on the organization’s investments, works closely with staff to oversee the budget, participates in budget planning, and recommends policies on financial matters.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee advises the board on the matters of organizational governance, including making policy recommendations to the board; reviews committee and task force needs; and oversees the bylaws, policies, and working rules.


Investment Committee

The Investment Committee establishes investment guidelines and policies and has oversight, along with the board, over the investment policies, investment portfolio, and investment activity of its portfolio managers.


Branch Program Resources Committee

The Branch Program Resources Committee identifies and promotes the use of available resources for branch, programs and initiatives related to current research and policy priorities.


College/University Committee

The College/University Committee assists staff, branches, and states in marketing and implementing the college/university partner member program.


Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee collaborates with staff to maximize fundraising program development; helps ensure effective member, branch, state, and national fundraising communication; expands fundraising sources; and assists with donor stewardship.


Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) Committee

The Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) Committee oversees the work of LAF and its subcommittees.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee assists staff, branches, and states in marketing and implementing the programs of the Membership Department.


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall actively recruit, evaluate, and recommend highly qualified candidates for election or appointment to each office and position of the Board of Directors following procedures and criteria approved by the board.


Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee assists staff in the development and implementation of the AAUW Public Policy Program.


Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee works with staff to examine social media opportunities for AAUW members and to assess various ways of motivating and training members to utilize social media outlets effectively.

Task Forces

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force will evaluate the current status of existing AAUW programs, initiatives, and efforts to achieve or broaden the organization’s diversity and inclusion.


Regulatory Guidance Task Force


STEM Task Force

The AAUW STEM Task Force concerns itself with all matters related to the dissemination of AAUW created and sponsored STEM education programs throughout the organization.

Voting Engagement Task Force

The Voting Engagement Task Force will gather and analyze data regarding One Member, One Vote (OMOV) and make recommendations to the board for the future.


Younger Women’s Task Force

YWTF will empower and advocate for women in their 20’s and 30’s to take action on the issues that matter to them. YWTF will also serve as a safe space and a community for young women to talk about and act on issues that affect them in their daily lives.