Leadership and Staff

AAUW serves a diverse global community of members and supporters taking positions on the fundamental issues of the day.

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Whether we’re fighting to protect the legal rights of those facing discrimination, advocating for public policies and laws that are fair to women, developing programs that support more women leaders in schools and communities, or funding educational opportunities for graduate women, AAUW works to break through barriers so that all women have a fair chance.



AAUW Board of Directors

Patricia Fae Ho, 2013-15 AAUW President

Patricia Fae Ho

AAUW President

Julia T. Brown, candidate for AAUW Vice President

Julia T. Brown

AAUW Finance Vice President

Rosalynd C. Homer, AAUW Finance Vice President

Rosalynd C. Homer

AAUW Finance Vice President

Sandy Camillo, candidate for AAUW Director

Sandra Camillo

AAUW Secretary

AAUW Action Fund Board of Directors

Rosalynd C. Homer
Finance Officer

Sandra Camillo

Executives and Staff Leadership


Linda D. Hallman, CAE

Executive Director (ED) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Jill Birdwhistell, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Mike Gellman

Mike Gellman

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Gloria Blackwell

Vice President, Fellowships, Grants, and Global Programs


Fong Cheng

Vice President, Information Technology


Kate Farrar

Vice President, Campus Leadership Programs


Cordy Galligan

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Deepti Gudipati

Deepti Gudipati

Vice President, Member Leadership Programs


Catherine Hill

Vice President, Research

Toni Johnson, Vice President, Major and Planned Giving

Toni Johnson

Vice President, Major and Planned Giving


Christy Jones

Vice President, Member and Branch Relations

Rebecca Lanning

Rebecca Lanning

Vice President, Art, Editorial, and Media

Lisa Maatz April 2014

Lisa Maatz

Vice President, Government Relations


Mia Piansay

Vice President, Finance


Ruby Peters

Vice President, Administration

Ellen Root

Ellen Root

Vice President, Corporate Development