AAUW Tech Savvy is a daylong science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career conference designed to attract girls in sixth through ninth grades to these fields. AAUW Tech Savvy also includes an important parent program that encourages families to reinforce girls’ interest in future education and careers in STEM. AAUW branches have taken the lead in organizing and holding these highly successful, one-day STEM conference for girls nationwide; find a conference site below or contact your local branch if you’d like to organize an event in your community.

AAUW Tech Savvy was founded in 2006 by the AAUW Buffalo (NY) Branch under the leadership of former branch president Tamara Brown. This annual event has become a huge success, serving upwards of 700 girls and 200 parents each spring at the University of Buffalo in New York. Today more than 15 AAUW branches organize and hold AAUW Tech Savvy conferences throughout the country.

Find AAUW Tech Savvy near You

Visit the camp pages below to find a Tech Savvy near you or contact your local branch if you’d like to organize a conference.

AAUW Tech Savvy Dates

State Event Site Event Date
Minnesota St. Cloud State University
Hosted by AAUW Saint Cloud Area (MN) Branch
January 28, 2017
Texas Texas Tech University
Hosted by AAUW Lubbock (TX) Branch
February 18, 2017
Connecticut Trinity College
Hosted by AAUW of Connecticut
March 4, 2017
North Dakota University of Jamestown
Hosted by AAUW Jamestown (ND) Branch
March 7, 2017
Illinois Triton College
Hosted by AAUW Downers Grove Area (IL) Branch
March 25, 2017
Mississippi Delta State University
Hosted by AAUW of Mississippi
March 25, 2017
North Carolina University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Hosted by AAUW Greensboro (NC) Branch
April 1, 2017
New York Tompkins Cortland Community College
Hosted by AAUW Cortland (NY) Branch, AAUW Ithaca (NY) Branch
April 1, 2017
California Pasadena City College
Hosted by AAUW Pasadena (CA) Branch
April 8, 2017
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
Hosted by AAUW Appleton (WI) Branch, AAUW Oshkosh (WI) Branch
April 8, 2017
Hawaii Hawaii Pacific University
Hosted by AAUW Honolulu (HI) Branch
April 22, 2017
Michigan University Center at Gaylord
Hosted by AAUW Gaylord Area (MI) Branch
April 29, 2017
Nebraska College of Saint Mary
Hosted by AAUW Omaha (NE) Branch
April 29, 2017
Pennsylvania Agnes Irwin School April 29, 2017
Pennsylvania Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Hosted by AAUW Erie (PA) Branch
May 6, 2017
Florida University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
Hosted by AAUW Bradenton (FL) Branch
May 13, 2017
Ohio Ohio University, Athens
Hosted by AAUW Athens (OH) Branch
May 13, 2017
California University of California, Santa Barbara
Hosted by AAUW Santa Barbara-Goleta Valley (CA) Branch
May 14, 2017