STEM Branch Programs Serve 10,000 Girls Nationwide

A girl pulls about goo.

AAUW member volunteers in 35 states held branch programs for more than 10,000 girls in 2012. Many of these girls were in middle school, a critical time when girls often lose interest in science and math classes due to gender stereotypes and social pressure. AAUW branches put the recommendations from the AAUW report Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into action to help girls believe in themselves and aspire to become the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists.

Find a Program in Your Backyard

For a long time, AAUW branches across the country have been empowering girls and teens in their communities with programs that build skills and confidence in the highly male-dominated STEM fields. The information on this page is based on a 2013 survey by the AAUW STEM Task Force of branch and state leaders about their STEM programming. Download the full report for more detail.

States with AAUW STEM Programs

AAUW sponsors more than 150 STEM programs in 35 states and 93 congressional districts.

A map showing branch programming in the U.S.

Hands-On Activities Inspire Girls.

AAUW’s branch STEM programs are highly focused on hands-on activities that let girls engage directly with STEM and show them how their skills are valuable in the real world. At branch events, girls and their families have the opportunity to listen to presentations from women professionals and older STEM students, conduct scientific experiments, use computers for research, build robots, connect with mentors, and go on field trips and site visits.

One AAUW branch’s STEM conference in Virginia helps attendees understand how their science and math classes teach them valuable skills and put them on the path toward a future career in STEM:

SUCCESS Conference
AAUW Woodbridge (VA) Branch

SUCCESS is a career conference for students in grades 5–12. With a focus on STEM, a wide range of career presenters provide awareness of the strong background necessary in both math and science courses in order to be successful in any aspect of the career world.

 Anyone Can Take Action for Girls in STEM!

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