STEM Education

AAUW values the importance of supporting girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as part of our mission to break through barriers for women and girls. Our research, policy, and nationwide programs encourage members to work from their own communities to ensure that we reach equity in these important fields.

Programs and Collaborations

AAUW believes in the value of educational programs that encourage girls to succeed in these traditionally male-dominated fields and introduce girls to female role models. AAUW creates programs that offer girls the opportunity for hands-on activities while also exposing them to a multitude of educational and professional options. Collaborations with groups such as STEMConnector are also growing the reach and scope of AAUW’s STEM activities.

STEM Programs for Girls

AAUW programs such as Tech Trek and Tech Savvy introduce girls to successful female role models in STEM. We aim to break down stereotypes surrounding these traditionally male-dominated fields and teach girls that intellectual skills grow over time, regardless of gender. These programs are a key part of AAUW’s efforts to level the playing field for girls in math and science and draw on the hard work and commitment of AAUW members and supporters to serve girls throughout the country.


Tech Trek

A week-long science and math summer camp for girls who are entering the eighth grade.

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Four girls practice critical thinking skills at a Tech Savvy workshop.

Tech Savvy

A daylong STEM career conference for sixth through ninth grade girls and their families.

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A girl pulls about goo.

Branch Programs

AAUW branches understand the needs of their communities and meet them through all sorts of programs that put AAUW research into action. This report shows just how many branches across the country are empowering local girls in STEM.


AAUW’s research in STEM aims to raise awareness about the underrepresentation of girls and women in math and science. AAUW’s crucial findings demonstrate that women and girls still face environmental and social barriers in STEM, from school to the workplace. We are finding ways to attract and retain more girls and women in STEM.


AAUW advocates for public policy at both federal and state levels that further opens the STEM fields to girls and women. The shortage of female representation touches on national as well as economic security issues and the need for women to have a seat at the STEM table, especially when it comes to developing policies that could enhance opportunities for future generations of girls.

To help promote these goals, AAUW has assembled a STEM Task Force of member leaders who serve as ambassadors to the AAUW branches and contribute to local STEM education efforts across the country. Learn more about AAUW STEM activities across the country from our quarterly e-newsletter, Spotlight on STEM.

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