Member Focused Leadership

For decades, AAUW has pioneered quality Campus Leadership Programs designed to make a powerful and lasting impact. These programs, along with our National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, demonstrate our staunch commitment to supporting future women leaders.


Members of the Leadership Corps gather for breakfast at the 2011 AAUW National Convention

In 2012 we reinforced this commitment by creating the Member Leadership Programs Department. The department’s overarching goal is to provide AAUW members with leadership development opportunities. With exciting new programming on top of our existing Campus Leadership programs, AAUW envisions a lifelong resource offering leadership training to members and all women worldwide — from college on through retirement.

The MLP staff is in the early planning stages of several innovative programs — stay tuned for more details throughout 2013!

Leadership Corps

What is the AAUW Leadership Corps?

Managed by the Member Leadership Department, the Leadership Corps is a group of volunteer field organizers from across the country committed to strengthening AAUW and trained to seek out potential leaders in our midst. , Combining talent scouting, branch development, and mentoring, the Leadership Corps resource is available to AAUW branches, states, and national members.

Who makes up the Leadership Corps?

The Leadership Corps comprises up to 50 field organizers with a passion for AAUW’s mission, a vision for AAUW’s future, and a talent for seeing and inspiring leadership in others. AAUW member leaders apply to the volunteer position and are accepted for two year terms.

What are the goals of the Leadership Corps?

The Leadership Corps aims to

  • Strengthen inclusive outreach and collaboration to improve leadership across all areas of AAUW
  • Support states, branches, and members in the promotion of AAUW mission-based programming and activism for women and girls
  • Keep members informed about current AAUW activities, priorities, successes, and challenges in order to facilitate effective communication among all levels of the AAUW community.