Legal Case Support

Case Support Program

The Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) provides financial and organizational support for a select number of cases in the workplace and in academia that have the potential to provide significant protection for all women.

Women workers denied promotions at Wal-Mart, military veteran survivors of sexual assault, and college/university staff who are experiencing unfair pay are some of the plaintiffs AAUW assists through our case support program.

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Case Eligibility

Case support decisions are made by the LAF Committee. The LAF Committee requires cases to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for case support:

  1. Be filed in state or federal court, preferably at the appellate level — we rarely take up cases that have just been filed.
  2. Address sex discrimination in the workplace or academia, including topics like unfair pay, tenure or promotion denial, pregnancy discrimination, Title IX violations, and sexual harassment or sexual assault
  3. Have the potential to set or reinforce precedent for future cases on gender discrimination
  4. Request support to advance the legal case. We do not reimburse personal expenditures.
  5. Have litigants who are willing to engage in branch visits and make appropriate public appearances with AAUW
  6. Allow AAUW to publicize support for the case internally and externally, including in the media, on the website, and in electronic and print communications

We offer funding for

  • Court filing fees
  • Preparation of briefs, filings, and other case-based costs
  • Plaintiff court travel

We can also offer nonfinancial support, including

  • Signatory of an amicus brief
  • An official statement of support
  • AAUW members present at the court or a rally


Applying for Case Support

We welcome case recommendations and requests for case support from many sources, including collaborating organizations, lawyers, and AAUW members and affiliates. Please send case recommendations and support requests to Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If a case meets the initial case support criteria, applicants will receive a more thorough application. The LAF committee will decide on the applicant’s suitability for support.

PLEASE NOTE: AAUW does not provide legal advice or legal representation. Because we do not provide legal advice or representation, communications with us and materials sent to us are not protected by attorney-client privilege. We cannot promise that the information you share with us will remain confidential. We will not return calls or e-mails requesting legal advice.

Have questions about legal support? Ask AAUW’s legal advocacy fund program manager at