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Know Your Rights at Work

Laws exist to protect employees from discrimination and harassment. The rights of employees are protected by federal, state, and local laws, as well as by common law, for discriminatory or illegal behavior by their employers. But how can you ensure that your rights are protected in the workplace?

The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund is pleased to provide the Know Your Rights at Work resource. This resource, developed by experts, provides up-to-date content and reflects the latest legal developments, so you know you’re getting current information on workplace protection.

Workplace Laws


Title VII of the
Civil Rights Act of 1964


Family and Medical Leave Act

Family and Medical Leave


equal pay

Equal Pay


pregnancy discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination



Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Rights Weekly

Topic of the Week

Talking About My Generation: Managing Different Ages at Work

From old timers to twenty-somethings, managing today's multigenerational workplace can be a huge challenge.


Blog of the Week

The Federal Reserve Board's Plan to Kill Jobs

There is an enormous amount of political debate over various pieces of legislation that are supposed to be massive job killers. For example, Republicans lambasted President Obama's increase in taxes on the wealthy back in 2013 as a job killer. They endlessly have condemned the Affordable Care Act as a job killer. The same is true for proposals to raise the minimum wage.

Thought for the Week

""Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding." "

–Albert Einstein

List of the Week


 From the Other Side of the Table: Hiring Concerns from HR

  • Being able to retain top talent: 35 percent
  • Being able to provide competitive compensation: 35 percent
  • Worker burnout: 32 percent
  • Maintaining productivity levels: 29 percent
  • Being able to provide upward mobility: 26 percent
  • Can't find high-skilled applicants: 24 percent
  • Don't have the budget to recruit: 13 percent

Top Five News Headlines

  1. Bill Proposes Boosting Minimum Wage For Tipped Workers
  2. Papa John's franchisee ordered to pay New York City workers more than $2 million
  3. Why Retailers Are Suddenly Desperate to Keep Their Least-Valuable Workers
  4. Why it's nearly impossible for you to sue your credit card company
  5. The workers' compensation system is broken - and it's driving people into poverty