LAF Case Support Travel Grant

What better way to understand one of the sex discrimination lawsuits AAUW supports than by hearing about it from the case’s plaintiff or lawyer?


With the help of a case support travel grant LAF-supported plaintiff Kathy Bull visited and spoke at a state convention.

Through the Case Support Travel Grant, AAUW branches can apply to have a plaintiff or lawyer from an AAUW-supported lawsuit speak at their state convention or regional meeting. AAUW National pays for the travel and lodging expenses. Applications are due on October 30 each year.

After hearing LAF-supported plaintiff Kathy Bull speak at a state convention about her Title IX lawsuit against Ball State University in Indiana, AAUW member Doris Nistler said, “I feel very proud that I belong to AAUW, who understands this insult to women’s dignity and did something to help.”


Application Process and Criteria


Send the Grant Application to or fax: 202.463.7169.

The LAF Committee considers the following criteria in selecting recipients of the grant:

  • The grant would significantly increase awareness of LAF and equity issues in the workplace and/or higher education.
  • The grant would generate major financial support for LAF.
  • The state or region has an ongoing commitment to LAF.
  • The state or region has a proven track record of successful visibility efforts.

Applicants will be notified by LAF staff in January. LAF staff will help the selected applicants arrange the travel of their speaker.


Need Help?

For more information about how to apply, use the Case Support Travel Grant Program in a Box. If you have any additional questions, please e-mail (preferred) or call 202.785.7750.