LAF Campus Outreach Program Grant

Need funding for an AAUW event on campus? LAF Campus Outreach Grants can help.

Three diverse women stand together in the city.

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What do you think college students should know about gender equity? That Title IX prohibits gender-based discrimination on campus? Which federal laws protect them from sexual harassment in the workplace? How other women have addressed and navigated discrimination in their careers?

Campus Outreach Grants provide up to $750 in funding for AAUW branches or student organizations to host on-campus events that help teach college students about gender equity issues and the civil rights laws that protect against gender-based discrimination. Designed to connect campus communities with AAUW’s work, the grants may be used to support campus programs that are hosted or co-hosted by AAUW branches, AAUW student organizations, and Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF) chapters. A Campus Outreach Grant is a great opportunity for AAUW branches to work with local campuses and for AAUW student organizations to increase their reach.

Few college students are prepared for the reality of unfair pay, sexual harassment and assault, pregnancy discrimination, or Title IX violations. You can help change that. If you’re unsure of where to start, consider using a Campus Outreach Grant to

smith trans signs-220
Raise awareness about gender equity on your campus

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Convene a panel of professionals to talk about their experiences with workplace discrimination.

Help educate students about their rights under Title IX.

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Invite an advocate to dinner.

Branches and student organizations can apply using the form below. We accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. Apply now!