2014 Could Be the Year You Go to Cuba

Why Cuba?

Cuba beckons, and we’re going! For the second time since fall 2010, AAUW members and their friends and family are invited to join our delegation to explore women’s issues, challenges, and opportunities on America’s island neighbor. So close and yet cut off from the United States, Cuba is a land of contrasts. Meticulously maintained cars from the 50s that look like they just rolled off a Chrysler assembly line are parked in front of decaying mansions. Schoolchildren in crisply starched uniforms play in the weed-strewn courtyards of public buildings. The contradiction is jarring, and the history behind it fascinating. But you have to be there to fully appreciate it!

Why Now?

Why go now? Because entry to Cuba from the United States is rarely made this easy. Plus, we have worked with Betchart Expeditions to pull together a dream itinerary for our delegation. AAUW will have the opportunity to travel in-country and explore UNESCO World Heritage City Trinidad, founded in 1814, as well as former sugar plantations now converted to harvest Cuba’s newest crops. From Old Havana to the cultural mecca of Cienfuegos, we’ll experience today’s Cuba as few can.


Why travel with us? Because you’ll truly get to know the women of Cuba and the issues they face. We’ll learn how their desire to augment their income led to the creation and growth of new industries in Cuba. We’ll also see how the country’s artists capture and pay tribute to its colorful past. And, you’ll be traveling with people eager to learn, explore, and then share this information with others in their community, and, just perhaps, begin to dissolve the mystery long built up around Cuba.

Need Some Details?

When: January 4–12, 2014


Cost: $3995 per person (twin rooms, with singles available for a $425 supplement). Does not include airfare.

Who can go: There is a qualification process based on your work, volunteer or otherwise, in gender issues. Contact Taunya at Betchart Expeditions (800.252.4910 or Taunya@betchartexpeditions.com) for additional information.

See you in Cuba!