AAUW at the United Nations

AAUW is one of hundreds of nongovernmental organizations at the United Nations, but we’re one of the few that have consultative status, which means that AAUW can participate and make comments in meetings while other NGOs are only allowed to attend.

AAUW is making sure that U.N. policies include women and girls, signing on to relevant documents, and even submitting research for the Commission on the Status of Women — a rare honor.

Our Representatives at the United Nations

When AAUW’s U.N. representatives walk through those impressive assembly halls, they’re at work — attending briefings, organizing events, and forming coalitions to take action on women’s issues like girls’ empowerment, human trafficking, and women’s opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

AAUW relies on a group of active members to represent us at the United Nations: an AAUW U.N. representative, two AAUW youth representatives, and a fellowships and grants alumna who provides support.

AAUW U.N. representatives (from left) Melissa Guardaro, Ammie Lin, Miki Noguchi, and Donya Nasser

AAUW U.N. representatives (from left) Melissa Guardaro, Ammie Lin, Miki Noguchi, and Donya Nasser

Melissa Guardaro
AAUW U.N. Representative

Melissa Guardaro has been the main AAUW U.N. representative since 2012. The former AAUW Rockland County (NY) Branch president cut her teeth doing international work at the branch level through programs like Great Decisions, and at the state level through discussions of Half the Sky and My Sister’s Keeper. She serves on the executive board of the Working Group on Girls and, for the past two years, has helped organize empowerment events for girls. A graduate of Fordham University in the Bronx with a bachelor’s in communications, Guardaro also has a master’s in marketing and real estate finance from Columbia University’s business school.

Miki S. Noguchi
AAUW U.N. Representative

Miki S. Noguchi is a second-year graduate student at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). She was a 2012–13 AAUW Career Development Grantee and a member of AAUW’s first team sent to the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting in spring 2013. At SIPA, she is completing a master of public administration in development practice focusing on post-conflict development, international security, and women’s development, and she is the 2013–14 Jal Pavry Fellow for International Peace and Understanding. Miki’s coursework ranges from military strategy to innovative management to gender and livelihoods in conflict areas. She also contributes to the Columbia Seminar on Defense and Security working group, which will produce policy recommendations for national strategic defense policy. Miki is vice president and a founding board member of SIPA’s Women in Security student organization. After graduation, she plans to work on development and private investment interests in post-conflict areas. Follow Miki on Twitter to stay up to date on her work with AAUW.

Donya Nasser
AAUW Youth Representative

Donya Nasser is a junior at St. John’s University studying political science and women’s and gender studies. She is an AAUW youth representative to the United Nations, member of the 2013–14 AAUW National Student Advisory Council, founder of the AAUW-NYC Student Advisory Council, and the Young Feminist Task Force chair for the National Organization for Women, New York State. A McNair scholar, Donya is interested in women’s issues and advocacy and is heavily involved with the gender studies department at her university and with political campaigning. She was one of 10 students selected from St. John’s in 2012 to receive a GAAP Summer Research Grant, and her project studied the involvement of Iranian women in political shifts and democratization. Follow Donya on Twitter to stay up to date on her work with AAUW.

Ammie Lin
AAUW Youth Representative

Ammie Lin is a fourth year undergraduate at Adelphi University majoring in Communications in Media Studies with minors in biology and peace studies. She is pursuing a media and public relations career to promote human rights. She hopes to eradicate modern slavery and work in communications at the United Nations. Ammie is an AAUW member as well as an AAUW youth representative to the United Nations. She is a recognized member of the Sigma Lambda leadership honor society and the Lambda Pi Eta honor society for communications studies. She also serves in student government and interns for Social Tap, a nonprofit that has worked to improve the quality of life in Jacmel, Haiti, since the 2010 earthquake there. Follow Ammie on Twitter to stay up to date on her work with AAUW.

Our United Nations Affiliations

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

AAUW has special consultative status with ECOSOC, which initiates reports, makes recommendations, and promotes respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

U.N. Commission on the Status of Women

Every year AAUW attends this two-week convening of member states, U.N. entities, and ECOSOC-accredited nongovernmental organizations from all regions of the world. Members and staff present AAUW research and programs that help women throughout the world break through barriers. The 57th meeting of the commission was dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.

U.N. Association of the United States of America

UNA-USA is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to building understanding of and support for the ideals and work of the United Nations among the American people.

U.S. National Committee for U.N. Women

The U.S. National Committee for U.N. Women supports the mission of U.N. Women, which works toward social, political, and economic equality for women and girls around the world. Members and supporters are men, women, and children in cities around the country who give their time and resources to support a world where women of all ages have access to education and employment opportunities and sustainable livelihoods, enabling them to live free from gender-based violence.

Working Groups

AAUW participates in working groups at the United Nations including the Committee on Teaching about the United Nations and the Working Group on Girls.

U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs — Division for the Advancement of Women

This department works to advance the global agenda on women’s rights, gender equality, and the empowerment of women and ensure that women’s voices are heard in international policy arenas.