Community Action Grants

Beginning in 1991 AAUW awarded Community Action Grants (CAG) to AAUW branches, states, or individual women pursuing projects or nondegree research promoting education and equity for women and girls. As the program evolved, projects became increasingly collaborative and girl-focused, bringing together AAUW branches and local community groups.

In recent years AAUW, together with our branches and states, has built a robust portfolio of STEM programs for girls nationwide through our National Tech Trek camps and Tech Savvy conferences. Today, the spirit of community action is even more vigorous through these outstanding mission-based AAUW programs, which are funded primarily by unrestricted donations, with additional support from corporate sponsors and grants from AAUW’s endowment.

All CAG funds for FY 2016 have been committed for Tech Trek and Tech Savvy, and no applications are being accepted at this time.

Find out how to bring Tech Trek or Tech Savvy to girls in your community.

Congratulations to AAUW’s 2015–16 fellowships and grants awardees!

About the Grant

Since the inauguration of the Research and Projects Fund in 1972, AAUW has provided support to hundreds of communities around the United States to advance education and equality for women and girls. Early projects focused on public interest issues, including women’s struggles to balance home and work life, the establishment of women’s resource centers on college campuses, and the emergence of women’s political involvement in the antinuclear movement.

As the program evolved and grew, AAUW explored ways to strengthen support through community involvement. Projects have become increasingly collaborative and girl-focused, bringing together AAUW branches and local community groups.

Meet Our Alumnae: Community Action Grants

Camp GirlForward

Camp GirlForward

Camp GirlForward (2012) is an innovative summer education program for refugee girls ages 14–19. With a social justice-based curriculum, Camp GirlForward empowers girls to understand who they are, where they are from, and how they can make a difference in the world around them. The program includes research projects, presentations, journal writing, and reading, and weekly field trips around Chicago.

A young girl dribbles a soccer ball while a young woman runs beside her as a group of girls in the background watch.

Coaching Corps

What began as the 2009 project Coach Like a Girl expanded into Coaching Corps, an organization that provides girls in low-income communities access to after-school sports programs and the benefits of team-based learning.

Jessica Jennrich

Creating Effective Financial Planning Services for Low-Income Women in Transition

With this project, Jessica Jennrich (2008) created financial planning services for the specific needs of low-income women in Columbia, Missouri.

LeAnn Erickson stands outside a memorial with three older women.

Hidden Herstory: The Top-Secret Rosies of World War II

Hidden Herstory (2010) is a national educational networking tour that features a screening of the documentary Top-Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII. Targeting universities, museums, and archives, the tour seeks to connect women professionals working in math, science, and computer technology with high school girls and college women interested in pursuing careers in these fields.

Woman studying in the library

Transition to College: Empowering Young Women

Florida Community College, Jacksonville, and the AAUW Jacksonville (FL) Branch (2007) collaborated to provide gender-specific services to enable 40 at-risk girls to graduate from high school and complete one year of postsecondary education.