Olympia Snowe, a retired senator from Maine, received the AAUW Achievement Award in 2013 for her outstanding political career, which has been defined by nonpartisan compromise.

The AAUW Achievement Award

Through the Achievement Award, presented to an individual whose record of achievement spans 20 or more years, AAUW publicly recognizes the highest standards of service in the public and private sectors.


Faith Ringgold, 1976–77 AAUW Creative Arts Award winner, is an internationally renowned artist, educator, and social activist who has used her art to draw attention to racism and gender inequality.

Faith Ringgold. Photo by Graces Matthews, 1993

The AAUW Alumnae Recognition Award

The AAUW Alumnae Recognition Award honors a past recipient of an AAUW fellowship or grant who has attained outstanding success and national or international distinction as a result of her AAUW award in her chosen profession or life’s work.


Headshot for Linda T. Alepin

Linda T. Alepin

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award, biennially honors an individual, project, organization, or institution for outstanding contributions to equity and education.


2016 Women of Distinction awardees and SAC members

Women of Distinction Awards

Women of Distinction Awards, awarded by AAUW as a part of the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, recognize women who set a high standard of excellence in their professions or their communities, locally or globally.


Historical AAUW Awards

AAUW has a long legacy of honoring and celebrating outstanding women who make significant contributions in their professions, academic fields, and communities. The following is a list of awards that AAUW previously offered.