AAUW Student Organizations

Are you a college student who is passionate about women’s issues? Want to make change on your campus while gaining invaluable leadership experience? Look no further than AAUW student organizations. Whether you want to join an existing organization or start your own, an AAUW student organization is the place for you to meet like-minded students who are ready to take on the fight for women’s equality.

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What are the student organizations all about?

AAUW student organizations give students the resources and support to engage their community on women’s equity issues. Students gain leadership skills, create change on their campus, address equity issues, and connect with a national community.

How do the student organizations empower women?

Belonging to a community that fights for women is powerful in its own right. But student organizations also take AAUW’s mission to the next level through events and programming. Your organization can work by itself, with a local AAUW branch, or with another student organization on campus to host programs that empower women, like a fundraiser for women in the military or a panel discussion. Here are just a few of the issues our student organizations work on:

    • Fair pay
    • LGBTQ issues
    • Student loan debt
    • Violence against women
    • Women in leadership
    • Reproductive rights

Get AAUW Student Organization tools for leadership and programming.

Is there a student organization on my campus?

You’ll find AAUW student organizations working to empower women on more than 80 campuses across the country. All AAUW student organizations are registered with their affiliated university, so use your student activities center to bring AAUW to your campus.

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Don’t see your college or university?

Start your own student organization and bring AAUW to your campus. Channel your commitment to women’s rights and your passion for creating change in your community by forming an AAUW student organization. Follow these seven steps to forming an AAUW student organization at your school, then you can start recruiting potential members in your campus community.

For questions about forming your student organization, e-mail us at coll-univ@aauw.org.

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