Teaching College Women Salary Negotiation: $tart $mart Workshops

$tart $mart prepares college women who are approaching the job market with the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to negotiate salaries and benefits.

When students leave the three and a half hour $tart $mart campus workshop, they learn

  • how the gender wage gap affects their lives
  • how to develop a personal budget to determine salary needs
  • how to benchmark salary and benefits
  • how to negotiate for their first salary out of college

According to AAUW research, just one year after graduation, women earn just 82 percent of what their male counterparts earn, and the gender wage gap widens over the next 10 years.

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More than 225 campuses throughout the United States have hosted $tart $mart. Before the workshop, only 25 percent of attendees said they were confident that they could negotiate a salary and benefits package. That figure skyrocketed to 91 percent upon completion of the workshop.

$tart $mart Is Invaluable for Students

This workshop teaches college women one of the most important skills they need throughout their careers. Over and over, $tart $mart attendees tell us how life-changing this workshop can be.

Working women know college women need the information and skill building that $tart $mart provides. Campuses that offer $tart $mart can be sure they’re making a real, measurable difference in the lives of students.”

— Lisa Rismiller, University of Dayton Women’s Center

If I had not come to this workshop tonight, I very likely would not have given this a thought and accepted a job offer without negotiation or even being aware that negotiation is possible and acceptable.”

— Colby College student


Bring $tart $mart to a Campus Near You

To get involved with $tart $mart, you can recruit a campus to hold a workshop, become a trained facilitator, or sponsor a workshop. Find step-by-step instructions in the in our how-to.

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