AAUW National Student Advisory Council

Every academic year AAUW selects 10 inspiring college students to serve on the National Student Advisory Council (SAC), a unique feminist team that advises AAUW staff and leads campus activism projects to promote gender equity. SAC members also serve as AAUW campus ambassadors and play a critical role in planning AAUW’s annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

2016-2017 AAUW National Student Advisory Committee members pose in their school colors during their fall retreat in Washington, DC.

2016-2017 AAUW National Student Advisory Committee members pose in their school colors during their fall retreat in Washington, DC.

Why apply for the AAUW SAC?

The SAC gives 10 passionate college students the opportunity to work with AAUW staff to represent the diverse voices of students on campus. Through campus activism projects and community outreach to AAUW student organizations, SAC members develop leadership skills and gain valuable résumé-building experience. Most important, each member leaves with lifelong connections to their campus team and to other SAC alumnae.

SAC members receive two all-expense-paid trips to Washington, D.C.: A fall leadership retreat at AAUW’s national headquarters and a trip to serve as peer leaders at AAUW’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.

The 2016–17 SAC

Aku Acquaye
Barnard College of Columbia University

Julia Alford
University at Albany, SUNY

Sapphire Andersen
University of Nebraska, Omaha

Saleha Azmi
Bowling Green State University

Dania Baraka
Wayne State University

Sarah Best
University of Pittsburgh

Linh Anh Cat
University of California, Irvine

Sanah Jivani
University of Texas, San Antonio

Brooke Lopez
University of Texas, Dallas

Sabrina Ridenour
West Virginia University (WVU)

Our Student Advisory Council Alum

From working on Capitol Hill to creating their own nonprofits, former AAUW SAC members have gone on to achieve amazing accomplishments. Read about the women who have joined the team. »

“The SAC empowered me to think critically, care deeply, and fight harder for changes in the world around me.”
— Madison Norwich, SAC 2015–16

“AAUW helped give me my start in my career, which has allowed me to go to places I never imagined.”
— Donya Nasser, SAC 2013–2014

“I never thought I would have strong friendships with women from different states when I applied to this position.”
— Dalya Hazim, SAC 2015–16

“SAC taught me what it truly means to be a leader. This is a life-changing experience and will have such a positive impact on how you serve your community and the world.”
— Tameika Scott, SAC 2002–03

“Because the SAC was so diverse, each member challenged my perceptions of feminism, and I’m taking away a new sense of being intersectional and inclusive.”
— Caroline Hymel, SAC 2015–16

“I spent nine months getting to know nine amazing women while doing something that I’m very passionate about: empowering women and advocating for gender equity.”
— Theresa Hice Johnson, SAC 2015–16

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