National Student Advisory Council

Exceptional Women Making Change on Campus

From October through June, the members of the National Student Advisory Council (SAC) serve as AAUW ambassadors, advise AAUW staff on the needs of college students, and lead gender equality projects on their campuses. SAC members also help plan AAUW and NASPA’s annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

An Amazing Leadership Opportunity for Students

Serving on the SAC provides college women with many opportunities to represent the voices of students, develop as leaders, network, and gain valuable, résumé-building experience. SAC members gain mentors and learn how to mentor others. They learn how to apply their strengths toward individual and team projects. They learn about gender issues and hobnob with powerful women at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Through these experiences, they gain leadership skills and find a community within AAUW.

Wait Till You See What This Year’s SAC Is up To

This year’s SAC will work toward closing the leadership gap between men and women and fight for fair pay. They will also organize students on campuses across the country on critical issues such as ending sexual violence. They will create better ties between campuses and AAUW by providing insight on how to reach out to students and engage them on these issues.

The 2013–14 SAC: Empowered Women Paying It Forward

Sarah Crawford
University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sarah is a senior majoring in Spanish at the University of New Mexico. On campus, Sarah works as a program assistant in mentoring and leadership in the Women’s Resource Center. She also serves as co-coordinator for the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice. Before attending the University of New Mexico, Sarah volunteered abroad in Kenya and Guatemala.

Marian Firke
Swarthmore College

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Marian is a senior majoring in biology at Swarthmore College. She is currently the co-coordinator for the Acquaintance Sexual Assault Prevention Program, the educational policy representative for student council, a board member for the Women’s Resource Center, a teaching assistant for the Science for Kids Program, and an academic mentor.

Marian is generously sponsored by Loryann Eis.

Elba Moise
Oregon State University

Corvallis, Oregon

Elba is a graduate student pursuing two master’s degrees, one in public health and one in medical anthropology, at Oregon State University. While completing a recent summer internship in the Dominican Republic, Elba led a self-empowerment and literacy workshop for Haitian immigrant women. At OSU, Elba works as a graduate assistant for the Office of Equity and Inclusion and recently co-founded the university’s first Latino Grad Network. Elba earned her undergraduate degree in psychology at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas.

Elba is generously sponsored by Alice Bartelt.

Donya Nasser
St. John’s University

New York City

Donya is a junior honor student double majoring in government and politics and gender and women’s studies at St. John’s University. She is an AAUW youth representative to the United Nations and is actively recruiting students on her campus to form a student organization.

Maria-Luiza Popescu
University of Texas, Dallas


Maria-Luiza is a graduate student pursuing her master’s degree in public policy and political economy. She is currently a fellow for President Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action grassroots organization. In the past, Maria-Luiza served as the access and directional volunteer for the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting and as the campus representative for the Clinton Global Initiative University.

Maria-Luiza is generously sponsored by AAUW of Texas.

Charisma Ricksy
Pennsylvania State University

University Park, Pennsylvania

Charisma is a junior double majoring in African American studies and philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. Charisma is the vice president of the Student Minority Advisor and Recruitment Team, program coordinator of a living community focused on student engagement, and an active student leader in two mentorship programs on campus. She is in Penn State’s Presidential Leadership Academy and the Schreyer Honors College.

Kelsey Saragnese
University of Missouri

Columbia, Missouri
Kelsey is a senior majoring in women’s and gender studies at the University of Missouri. She is the president of the AAUW student organization on her campus, a peer educator for the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center, and a residential victim advocate for True North Shelter in her community. Last year she attended the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and is excited to return this year and play a more active role.

Kelsey is generously sponsored by Susan Barley.

Lauren Shackleford
Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Lauren is a graduate student pursuing her master’s degree in educational leadership and student affairs. Lauren works as a graduate intern for the Women’s Resource Center and the VISION Volunteer Center. As an undergraduate student, she was a member of Alpha Sigma Tau’s Eastern Michigan University chapter and served as vice president. Last year, she attended the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and is excited to return this year and play a more active role.

Lauren is generously sponsored by Barbara M. Wyne.

Eva Shang
Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Eva is a freshman majoring in economics at Harvard University. Before starting her college career, she served as a teen adviser to the U.N. Foundation campaign Girl Up, as an activist at the SPARK Summit, and as a junior delegate to the gender equality campaign Vision 2020: Equality in Sight. Eva wants to work on leadership parity.

Eva is generously sponsored by Eileen Shelley Menton.

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