AAUW Campus Action Projects, Sponsored by Pantene

Ever find yourself apologizing for asking a question, giving your opinion, or something else you really shouldn’t have to say you’re sorry for? You’re not alone. Every day, women deal with stereotypes and biases that put us in endless double-binds when we express ourselves: Negotiate for yourself, but don’t be too aggressive. Be confident, but don’t be full of yourself. Be a leader, but don’t be bossy. No wonder we feel like we need to apologize for every little thing.

But this fall, AAUW, with support from Pantene, will empower students all over the country to stand up to gender stereotypes and biases. College women are ready to put an end to the tired, harmful, and untrue notions that hold back their ambitions. Sorry, not sorry. We’re ready to shine strong.

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The Campus Action Projects will give women on up to 12 campuses the opportunity to put their ideas into action to encourage and empower other students to put an end to the cultural barriers women still face. Applications for the CAP grants will be online in August. In the meantime, you can sign up to receive information as soon as it becomes available and watch the latest video from Pantene to help you get inspired.

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Past Projects

Read about projects that focused on

Women’s issues in community colleges,
from child care access to science and math opportunities to transferring to a university
The gender pay gap
that women face just
one year out of college
Sexual harassment
in middle and high schools

Science, technology, engineering, and math
literacy, department culture,
and mentoring (2010)
Science, technology, engineering, and math
literacy, department culture,
and mentoring (2009)


Support programs that develop women’s potential to lead in their schools,
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