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There are more science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs than ever, but women remain severely underrepresented. Studies show that men are paid more and hired more often in engineering and computing careers than equally qualified women. That means the fields that are designing our future are missing the creativity, intellect, and drive of half the population.

It’s not adding up.

Congratulations to AAUW’s 2015-16 Campus Action Project Teams!

How can we recruit more women in engineering and computing while addressing the chilly climate, gender pay gap, sexism, and gender-based discrimination that many women face in these fields?

College women, you can help put an end to the tired stereotypes and harmful biases that hold back your career ambitions. And AAUW is ready to stand with you. Women in engineering and computing have enormous social impact through real-world applications. It’s time to take action in your campus community to target the barriers that women and girls face in these spaces and to #addwomen. Help show your community that engineering and computing fields can and should be environments where women thrive.

It’s time to solve the equation.

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How the Projects Work

AAUW’s Campus Action Project (CAP) grants give students on 10–12 campuses up to $5,000 to put their ideas into action. CAP grant teams encourage and empower other students to put an end to the stereotypes and bias that women still face in engineering and computing.


Bring a Campus Action Project Grant to Your Campus

Applications for the 2016–17 CAP grants will open in August 2016. Learn more about applying for a Campus Action Project. For more information, e-mail cap@aauw.org.

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Past Projects

Read about projects that focused on

Fighting gender stereotypes and cultural biases against women of color, women in leadership, and women in science
Women’s issues in community colleges, from child care access to science and math opportunities to transferring to a university
The gender pay gap that women face just one year out of college

Sexual harassment in middle
and high schools
Science, technology, engineering, and math literacy, department culture,
and mentoring (2010)
Science, technology, engineering, and math literacy, department culture, and mentoring (2009)