Activism Abroad

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend Campus Progress’ national conference in Washington, D.C. Though headlined by prominent speakers such as Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, the Daily […] Read more »

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Meet Lorraine Anderson

Since February, when I turn on the radio in the morning I’m inundated with dismal news about the current state of the economy. Would you like some foreclosures with your […] Read more »

Effects of Pornography on Perceptions of Women and Sexual Violence

AAUW Communications fellow Katherine Broendel guest blogs this month at Framing Science about sexual violence as a social problem. The following entry originally appeared on Framing Science and is cross-posted […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   2 Comments   |   June 12, 2009

Rape Isn’t a Game

When I was teaching high school in California five years ago, we took about 90 students on a weekend retreat to address issues of diversity. One night the boys and […] Read more »

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We Need Male Allies

“Men are essential to feminism and to ending sexual assault. If they weren’t, we’d already have ended it.” — Jerin Alam, president, Hunter Women’s Rights Coalition, Hunter College, New York, […] Read more »

Blog   |   Leadership   |   2 Comments   |   April 16, 2009

“Love Doesn’t Hurt”

These were Oprah Winfrey’s words of wisdom to singer Rihanna last month. News of alleged physical abuse in her relationship with singer Chris Brown made headlines, leading to increased media […] Read more »

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Viewing Domestic Violence

Women’s Aid, a domestic violence organization in the United Kingdom, recently launched a graphic anti-violence ad featuring award winning actress Keira Knightly. Yesterday I read about the ad on several […] Read more »

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New Resources for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

AAUW is joining advocacy groups and individuals nationwide in recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). The first observance of SAAM occurred in 2001, and now each April the National Sexual […] Read more »

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Dating Violence on “Oprah”

The recent alleged domestic violence by singer Chris Brown toward his singer girlfriend, Rihanna, inspired Oprah to air an hour-long special about dating violence on her show yesterday. I appreciate […] Read more »

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Pentagon Announces Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign

I was glad to read this morning that the U.S. Department of Defense is preparing to launch a new sexual assault prevention campaign. Last year I was horrified by the […] Read more »

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