Supreme Court Affirms Retaliation Protections

Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court announced an 8-0 decision in an important equal pay retaliation case, Thompson v. North American Stainless. (Justice Elena Kagan recused herself due to […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   January 25, 2011

Male Allies for Women’s Causes

John Stuart Mill is best known as a philosopher and mathematician. What is less known is that he was an early male ally in the cause for women’s rights. Through […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   January 12, 2011

To Quota or Not to Quota?

One of the most important questions facing those concerned with the gender gap in American politics is how we can get and keep more women in elected office. According to […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   2 Comments   |   December 28, 2010

On Sexual Harassment

Looking back, I cannot think of a single event in my life during which I was sexually harassed. I don’t want to delve too much into definitions; I’m operating on […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   2 Comments   |   December 10, 2010

Supporting Girls’ Sports

In about a year and a half we’ll celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX, but many high schools still treat boys’ and girls’ sports inequitably, frequently cutting girls’ teams […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   1 Comments   |   December 08, 2010

Play Educates Students on Intimate Partner Violence

At the AAUW Huntsville (AL) Branch, we are always looking for ways to co-sponsor events with the University of Alabama in Huntsville women’s studies program, not only to benefit women […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   2 Comments   |   November 22, 2010

(Dis)Order in the Court

Although the country has been occupied with the midterm elections and their effects on President Barack Obama’s administration, we have to remember that there’s another branch of government. We tend […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   November 16, 2010

Growing Up AAUW

Growing up in West Virginia, I remember watching my mother as she got involved with AAUW. She was a branch president and an active member of AAUW of West Virginia […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   1 Comments   |   November 12, 2010

Bullying: Stop It, Fix It, Prevent It

On October 26, the Department of Education sent a letter to the nation’s schools offering guidance on bullying and harassment. In the letter, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Russlynn Ali […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   October 27, 2010

Calling Out Political Sexism, One Candidate at a Time

We’ve all been there. You’re watching television or scanning through the most-read stories online and the commentary about a female politician is about her dowdy outfit or temperamental response to […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   1 Comments   |   September 14, 2010