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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d write about passion — in this case, my passion about equity and why it is still an issue to me. I’m not even thinking about the inequities of job opportunities and/or salary when I first entered the workplace; that’s old news now.

Instead, I think about the inequities still facing women today. When I recently read the article “Tech Pay Gap Between Men and Women Grew Last Year,” which reports that even in the IT field men earn higher entry-levels salaries than women do — well, steam started coming out of my ears. I’m thankful at least that AAUW’s recent research report Behind the Pay Gap continues to receive media coverage and to educate the public about this continuing salary discrepancy problem.

I also think of women’s passion for gender equity and realize how different generations view the same issue, as beautifully portrayed in the recent New York Times article “Feminists Find Unity Is Elusive.” This really points to the importance of women of all ages understanding how someone younger or older may view the same subject and how can we communicate across those perceptions to agree on the need for change.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day! For those of you who share my passion, let’s send a special message to folks we know who would benefit from a link to sites like AAUW’s that focus on today’s equity issues. As for me, I know two young women (my nieces, ages 23 and 17) who nod their heads when I spout my views but who do pay attention to Facebook. I’ll be sending them a special message by posting it on their “wall” instead.

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   3 Comments   |   February 14, 2008