Steubenville: A Wake-up Call for Schools

Warning: The content of this post might trigger unpleasant memories for anyone who has experienced sexual assault. Last summer in Steubenville, Ohio, two 16-year-old high school football players allegedly raped […] Read more »

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Budget 101: Fiscal Cliff Detour Creates Future Obstacles

In this installment of our ongoing Budget 101 blog series, we’re exploring what was in the “fiscal cliff” package passed by Congress over the New Year’s holiday. Late last night, […] Read more »

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Budget 101: “Fiscal Cliff” Cuts Will Sting for Women and Girls

Welcome back to the Budget 101 blog series, where we explore the federal budget and how it affects Americans’ lives. In this installment, we’ll look into the possible cuts to […] Read more »

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Meet Dahlia Eissa: Bridging Feminism and Islam

For as long as Dahlia Eissa can remember, she has been a feminist. Growing up in Australia with Egyptian immigrant parents, she was never afraid to ruffle feathers. She began […] Read more »

The author, right, with former California State University, Fullerton President Milton Gordon and a fellow student

Four Ways to Celebrate Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week

Sunday, September 16, marked the start of National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week. The celebration, which extends through Saturday, September 22, coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month and recognizes the impact that Hispanic-serving […] Read more »

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A black and white photo of a young family wearing sombreros.

Opening the Schoolhouse Doors: Mendez v. Westminster

Sylvia Mendez and June Hernandez may have never met, but they had many things in common. Both were Mexican American girls who were just trying to attend school in Southern […] Read more »

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Eleven Years Later, 9/11 Feels Like the First Time

This September, many families said tearful goodbyes to sons and daughters who packed up their bags and went back to school. My older sister also packed up a bag and […] Read more »

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Why Voter-ID Laws Are Bad for Women, the Elderly, and Everyone

On Thursday, a federal court blocked a Texas voter-identification law that the three-judge panel said would unnecessarily burden poor, minority citizens from exercising their right to vote. The court cited […] Read more »

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Marine Corps Lieutenant Training to Allow Female Volunteers

The Marine Corps, the most male-dominated armed service, recently announced the integration of women into the Combat Endurance Test, a rigorous 86-day training program for top-performing lieutenants. Known as the […] Read more »

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AAUW Applauds Settlement in Title IX Suit against Ball State University

PRESS RELEASE: The American Association of University Women (AAUW) today hailed the settlement of the Title IX retaliation lawsuit Bull v. Board of Trustees of Ball State University. Read more »

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