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2016 State Convention PowerPoint, One AAUW: Changing the Climate for Women and Girls

Use These Presentations to Inspire Your Branch: Change the Climate for Women and Girls

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Leadership Redefined: Life Lessons from the 2016 Women of Distinction

WOD-105Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Watch today’s women of distinction inspire tomorrow’s women leaders at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), America’s premier college women’s leadership conference. This video contains highlights from the always-inspiring Women of Distinction ceremony.

Video length: 00:01:30

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Video: Some kinds of climate change can be good!

A climate change in our cultural attitudes toward women is desperately needed. We need the climate to change for women in boardrooms, college campuses, and in politics. This video shows that climate change to fight injustices against women and girls can be a good thing.

Video length: 00:01:30

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Share the “One AAUW” Video with Your Branch

We have much more work to do. And no other organization is better positioned than AAUW to pave the way for the next level of women’s achievement.

Video length: 00:16:03

Abridged version: 00:05:45

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Title IX Video: You Throw Like a Girl

You throw like a girl … and that’s a bad thing? No girl or woman who plays basketball or any other sport should be marginalized for being a woman. This powerful 31 second PSA can be played at any Title IX event where AAUW is represented.

Video length: 00:00:31

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STEM Video: What Happens at Tech Trek

AAUW’s Tech Trek camp for girls is taking the nation by storm. Want to show your community just how “hands on” our science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programming is? Count on this action packed video to show that what happens at Tech Trek definitely does NOT stay at Tech Trek.

Video length: 00:02:29

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Give a Grad a Gift

Use this form to give recent college graduates a FREE, one-year AAUW membership within two years of graduation, at no cost to you or them.

Video length: 00:03:45

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SAC: Leadership Opportunities Abound

They’re fabulous, fierce and determined to make the world a better place for women. We’re talking about the AAUW Student Advisory Council of course. Hear their inspirational stories and learn how you can be like them and join the SAC, or support them and others like them in their progress onward and upward. The AAUW SAC. Next year, this could be you!

Video length: 00:02:58

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NCCWSL: Building the Foundation to Your Future

See how Donya went from the halls of NCCWSL to the floor of the UN. NCCWSL, a two-and-a-half day conference held at the University of Maryland, College Park, brings together college women from across the United States to network, hone their leadership skills, and build their resumes. See where NCCWSL will take the students in your life!

Video length: 00:01:57

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