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Comments to the Department of Education on Pell Grants and Hate Crime Statistics Reporting

AAUW submitted comments on the proposed provisions in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA). Read more »

  |   ,   |   September 21, 2009

Testimony for Senate on DC Voucher Program

AAUW opposes the federal funding of student vouchers for DC private schools. Read more »

  |   ,   |   September 16, 2009

Suggested Confirmation Questions for Sonia Sotomayor

AAUW submitted questions to the Senate Judiciary Committee for the Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Read more »

  |   ,   |   August 09, 2009

Testimony for House STEM Hearing on Inclusion

AAUW submitted testimony to the House Committee on Science and Technology Subcommittee on Research and Science Education hearing regarding “Encouraging the Participation of Female Students in STEM Fields.” Read more »

  |   ,   |   July 21, 2009

Testimony to House Hearing on School Safety and Bullying

AAUW submitted testimony to a House Subcommittee hearing on “Strengthening School Safety through Prevention of Bullying.” AAUW believes that our country should provide an excellent education for all children. Read more »

  |   ,   |   July 08, 2009

Testimony to NSF regarding STEM engagement

AAUW submitted testimony to the National Science Foundation’s Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering regarding women and other underrepresented minorities in STEM fields. Read more »

  |   ,   |   June 29, 2009

Comments to the Department of Education on the Higher Education Act

AAUW strongly supports this initiative,which included a necessary expansion of both the number of higher education grants as well as the number of students who were eligible to receive them. Read more »

  |   ,   |   June 01, 2009

Healthy Families Act Letters

AAUW wrote several letters to Congress supporting the Healthy Families Act, which would provide employees seven paid sick days a year. Read more »

  |   ,   |   May 15, 2009

Testimony to Congress on Equal Pay

Lisa Maatz testified before Congress’s Joint Economic Committee hearing on “Equal Pay for Equal Work? New Evidence on the Persistence of the Gender Pay Gap.” Read more »

  |   ,   |   April 28, 2009

Comments to the Department of Health and Human Services on Rescinding “Conscience Clause” Regulation

AAUW submitted comments on the Department of Health and Human Services’ rule allowing health care professionals to refuse medical care. Read more »

  |   ,   |   April 08, 2009