Use these tools to help you communicate about issues important to AAUW.

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap PowerPoint Presentation (2014)

This easy-to-use PowerPoint, with talking points included for each slide, allows you to share the latest information on the gender pay gap at meetings, conferences, and other events. Read more »

Read Linda Hallman’s Interview with “International Innovation”

AAUW Executive Director and CEO Linda D. Hallman was highlighted in the U.K.-based research journal International Innovation. Read more »

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Workshop: A Year of Programs: Connecting and Customizing

Compiled by your Branch Program Resource Committee this resource delves into programs that are both tried and true and new and promising. Either way, you’re sure to find great programs to show your community who you are and why they need to be a part of your branch. Read more »

Workshop: Hook, Line, and Sinker: Meet, Inspire, Recruit

This workshop taught skills and creative ideas to recruit and engage new members. This session offered a user-friendly planning template for recruiting new members in your branch. Read more »

Workshop: Retention is for Rockstars: Get a Backstage Pass

This workshop discussed how to engage current members and get them to renew through surveying, orientation, engagement and engagement through leadership. Read more »

Workshop: If My Hair Were Blue, Could I Still Play with You?

This workshop discussed how to engage potential members and leaders from diverse groups. Attendees were given an opportunity to share examples of successful diversity and coalition building activities in their communities. Read more »

Workshop: Secrets Exposed! Learn to Maximize What Individuals Really Think of AAUW

This workshop reviewed some of the key findings of the 2012/13 AAUW Every Member Survey and previous non-member survey results. Read more »

Workshop: Writing and Pitching an Op-Ed

This workshop taught attendees the importance of using their voice to speak out on the issues they care about. They learned what an op-ed was and picked a topic they cared about to practice outlining their arguments, leads, and pitches. Read more »

Workshop: Bullying and Cyber-bullying: A Community Concern

This workshop provided an opportunity to learn about how AAUW branches can develop programs on bullying, cyberbullying and sexual harassment. Read more »

Workshop: AAUW Oral History Project: An Introduction

AAUW staff conducted interviews with members and recorded their reflections and perspectives of AAUW’s involvement in the last half century of women’s history with the goal of augmenting AAUW’s historical resources. This workshop showed you how to do the same thing in your area. Read more »

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