Position Papers

Read the written statements that define AAUW’s biennial priorities for federal legislative action.

AAUW’s Position on Ensuring Civil Rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Americans

No American should be denied the full range of civil rights and civil liberties due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more »

  |     |   September 03, 2011

AAUW’s Position on Health Care

AAUW believes that everyone is entitled to health care that is high-quality, affordable, and easily accessible. Read more »

  |     |   September 03, 2011

AAUW’s Position on Reproductive Rights

AAUW supports the right of every woman to safe, accessible, affordable, and comprehensive family planning and reproductive health services. Read more »

  |     |   August 03, 2011

AAUW’s Position on Career and Technical Education

AAUW believes that career and technical education (CTE) is increasingly important for women and girls seeking to earn their way in a competitive marketplace. Read more »

  |     |   August 03, 2011

AAUW’s Position on School Vouchers

AAUW stands firmly by the belief that the country should provide an excellent education for all children, not private school vouchers for a few. Read more »

  |     |   February 03, 2011

AAUW’s Position on Women and Girls in STEM

AAUW supports promoting and strengthening science, technology, engineering, and math education, especially for girls and other underrepresented populations. Read more »

  |     |   May 03, 2010

AAUW’s Position on Equity in School Athletics

Title IX’s impact on women’s athletic participation is one of the country’s greatest civil rights success stories, changing the playing field dramatically for girls and women in sports. Read more »

  |     |   April 16, 2010

AAUW’s Position on Federal Judicial Nominations

AAUW monitors the judicial nominations process because so many of our fundamental rights and liberties have been established and are protected by the federal courts. Read more »

  |     |   April 03, 2010

AAUW’s Position on No Child Left Behind

Until the federal government fulfills its promises and obligations under No Child Left Behind, there will continue to be large gaps between a workable implementation of the law and the realization of its laudable goals. Read more »

  |     |   September 03, 2009

AAUW’s Position on Title IX and Sexual Harassment

One pervasive problem that continues to hinder equity in education at every level of our nation’s schools is sexual harassment Read more »

  |     |   July 03, 2009