Use these forms and applications to submit or collect information for AAUW’s wide range of programs.

Volunteer Application for National Committees and Task Forces

AAUW is accepting applications from dedicated, hardworking, creative, and forward-thinking team players to serve on national committees and task forces. Application deadline: May 1, 2014. Read more »

  |   ,   |   April 01, 2014

Apply for a Public Policy Impact Grant

When is the application due? Return this application by mail or e-mail no later than Friday, May 30, 2014. Mail entries must arrive by the deadline. Applications can be e-mailed to […] Read more »

Share Your Story of Unequal Pay

We appreciate readers’ willingness to share their stories to help us make the case for fair pay to elected officials and in the media. Read more »

  |   ,   |   January 13, 2014

Sign Advocates Up for the AAUW Action Network

Print out this worksheet for your events and meetings to collect contact information from your guests and attendees. You can use the contact information to follow-up with your potential new members and advocates, then type up for information and send it to to make sure they can become a two minute activist. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   November 21, 2013

Register Your Student Organization with AAUW

To register your student organization, you will need to have contact information for your officers and identify an adviser. This form goes to the AAUW Board of Directors for final […] Read more »

  |   ,   |   November 05, 2013

Send College Women to NCCWSL: Use AAUW of Connecticut’s Awesome Program as a Guide

AAUW of Connecticut works with branches and AAUW college/university partner members in Connecticut to provide scholarships for women to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). Other states can pull from this AAUW of Connecticut resource to work with branches within their state to send students to the conference. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   October 28, 2013

List Your State or Branch Local Scholarship on the AAUW Website

If you want to include your local scholarship(s) as part of the listing on the AAUW website, please complete the data form with the requested information about your local scholarship program. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   October 17, 2013

Apply to Host an Elect Her Training

Elect Her — Campus Women Win will be expanding to 50 campuses around the nation next year. Teams of a campus administrator, student liaison, and AAUW liaison work together to plan and execute the training on campus, and any of those three people can apply. Read more »

  |   , ,   |   August 21, 2013

Apply to Join the National Student Advisory Council

Applications for the 2013–14 National Student Advisory Council (SAC) are now open to college students of all ages. Send this application to by 11:59 p.m. PDT on September 29, 2013, to be considered. Read more »


AAUW Business Cards

Business card template for states and branches. This template was designed to print on an Avery (or similar brand) 10-card template, which is good for these versions of Avery business […] Read more »

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