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Students at an Elect Her training in 2014.

Need a Great Speaker? Bring an Elect Her Facilitator to Your Event

Elect Her facilitators bring their vast knowledge of women in politics and experience working on political campaigns to every Elect Her workshop. If the half-day training is not a good fit for your college or university, bring one of our expert facilitators to your campus for a keynote speech or workshop for a fee of $500. Read more »

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Protected: Facilitator Portal: Salary Negotiation Workshops

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Elect Her Is Coming to a Town near You!

2015 is going to be another amazing year of campaign training for college women. Check out our list of upcoming sites. Read more »

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2013–14 Campus Action Project Teams

Using the CAP grant funding, students will put into action the recommendations from AAUW’s 2013 research report Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success. Read more »

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¡Adelante! Book of the Month Club Reading List

Book clubs are a fun, social way to open a dialogue on women, diversity, and change. Many AAUW members share a love of reading, and that love, partnered with a desire to seek out books written from diverse perspectives, launched a component of AAUW’s diversity outreach program in 1996 — AAUW’s ¡Adelante! Book of the Month Club. Read more »

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2013 AAUW National Convention Presentation Resources

Download PowerPoint presentations, handouts and more from 2013 AAUW National Convention workshops, Special Interest Groups and National Office Updates. Read more »

Member Showcase Calendar

The Member Showcase is an online calendar where national staff, state, and local branches can share their events in one place on the AAUW website. AAUW also adds most religious […] Read more »

2012-13 Campus Action Project Teams

9 AAUW Campus Action Project teams will have the opportunity to address the pay gap and student debt on their college campuses.
Read more »

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Campus Action Project 2011-12

The 2011–12 Campus Action Project (CAP) grant program focuses on the issues raised by AAUW’s research report, Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School. Read more »

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Campus Action Project 2010-11

The 2010-11 Campus Action Project (CAP) “Breaking through Barriers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for Women and Girls” focuses on the issues raised by AAUW’s 2010 research report, Why So Few? Women and Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Read more »

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