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Quick Facts on Work-Life Balance

As more of the workforce is comprised of women, concerns about balancing the demands of work and the needs of families have emerged. Unlike the majority of developed countries worldwide, […] Read more »

  |   ,   |   January 14, 2014

Share Your Story of Unequal Pay

We appreciate readers’ willingness to share their stories to help us make the case for fair pay to elected officials and in the media. Read more »

  |   ,   |   January 13, 2014

Washington Update (January 10, 2014)

Based on recent news coverage, you might think the only thing that’s happened this week involved the closing of a certain bridge between New Jersey and New York. Au contraire! […] Read more »

  |     |   January 10, 2014

Comments on Civil Rights Data Collection (01/03/14)

AAUW submitted comments on the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection survey, which collects student information from state and local education agencies that receive federal funding. Read more »

  |     |   January 06, 2014

Letter to Hill on Emergency Unemployment Insurance

AAUW urged Congress to extend emergency unemployment insurance to stabilize the economic recovery of American workers and their communities. Read more »

  |     |   January 06, 2014

Washington Update (December 20, 2013)

It’s hard to believe this is our last issue of AAUW Washington Update in 2013 (while policy marches on, we’re giving you a well-deserved break for the holidays). Thank you […] Read more »

  |     |   December 20, 2013

Washington Update (December 13, 2013)

This week has been a mixed bag in Washington. On the plus side, the fact that the House of Representatives passed, and that the Senate is expected to also pass, […] Read more »

  |     |   December 13, 2013

Testimony to House Supporting National Women’s History Museum

AAUW submitted testimony to the House of Representatives supporting the establishment of a National Women’s History Museum on the National Mall. Read more »

  |   ,   |   December 11, 2013

Washington Update (December 6, 2013)

Computers are everywhere. They’re in our pockets. They’re in our cars. In fact, you’re probably reading this e-mail on a computer, tablet, or smartphone right now. And all of these […] Read more »

  |     |   December 06, 2013

How to Put Together an Issue Forum, Town Hall, or Tele-Town Hall

Issue forums, town halls, and tele-town halls are ways to gather people in your community and educate them about a specific issue. The basic steps for each event are the same, but you can customize the event depending on your audience and community. Read more »