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Branch/State STEM Chair Position Description

The science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education chair serves on an AAUW branch or state board. The purpose of the role is to champion women’s representation in STEM by encouraging women and girls to pursue these educational and career fields. Read more »

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Branch President/Administrator Position Description

The AAUW branch president/administrator conducts the business of AAUW in the branch and develops, implements, and oversees all AAUW activities in the branch and community. Read more »

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Branch Program Vice President Position Description

The branch program vice president or officer assists branch officers through the development and implementation of programs and other projects that promote the mission of AAUW. Read more »

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State Membership Vice President (MVP) Position Description

AAUW state membership vice presidents oversee efforts to recruit and sustain a diverse, active membership in the state. Read more »

Branch Public Policy Chair Position Description

Public policy chairs (BR06) advocate for AAUW’s public policy priorities to policy makers. Chairs represent AAUW’s public policy priorities to elected and appointed officials, AAUW members, the public, and the media. Public policy chairs also lead AAUW voter education and turnout campaigns for branches. Read more »

Branch College/University (C/U) Relations Chair Position Description

Branch college/university (C/U) relations chairs (BR11) communicates with local colleges and universities, recruits and retains AAUW college/university partner members in her or his community, and helps to increase AAUW’s visibility on local campuses. Read more »

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AAUW Board Director Position Description

AAUW Board Directors participate in strategic thinking to provide organizational direction linked with sustainable resources and measurable outcomes. The elected and appointed directors shall facilitate and promote the purpose and […] Read more »

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AAUW Board Secretary Position Description

The AAUW Board Secretary maintains the bylaws and policies of the AAUW board and ensures that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements. Read more »

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AAUW Finance Vice Chair Position Description

The Finance Vice Chair works with the chief financial officer in the fiscal management of AAUW. Read more »

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AAUW Vice Chair Position Description

The AAUW Board Vice Chair participates in the development of AAUW’s strategic plan. Read more »

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